The Planning Process

Congratulations on taking the next step toward this important planning for you and your loved ones.  There is no reason to be daunted by what needs to be done!

The primary goal of my services is to provide a client with a professionally-prepared, personalized Will and incapacity documents, with as little disruption to your busy schedule as possible.  To achieve this, we will meet in your home or office, or in Regus office space convenient to your location.  Before our meeting, feel free to email me to ask any preliminary questions you may have.

When you decide to make an appointment, I will send you a questionnaire to get you thinking about your fiduciary appointments (executors, trustees, agents for financial and health matters), and the desired distribution of your property.  At our initial meeting, we will discuss who is in your family, your assets, any estate tax planning you may need, and your wishes.  I will make sure you understand all of the ancillary documents that will come with your planning package (see the “Incapacity Planning” page of this website).  I also may need to clarify or focus the decisions you made on the questionnaire.  Plan for an hour and a half.

At the conclusion of our initial meeting, my fee will be due via credit card and we will set a final appointment for the signing of your documents, usually in about four to six weeks.  In the meantime, I will prepare drafts of your documents and provide them to you online for your review and comment.  I will expect you to read the documents thoroughly for correct spellings, addresses, and reflection of your wishes.  I may contact you with some follow-up questions, and of course, you are welcome to ask questions or make changes at any time.

Once you have approved your documents and they are finalized, I will bring your documents to the location of your choice, be it your home or office, and will conduct the signing to ensure that they are executed with all the requisite formalities of Texas law.  You are asked to provide two witnesses over the age of fourteen for the signing to proceed.  At the conclusion of the signing, I may retain your executed documents so that they may be scanned and saved into my files.  Your final, original documents will be delivered to you a day or two later via priority US mail.  The final meeting typically lasts about an hour.

During our conversations, we will also discuss the safekeeping of your Will and other original documents.  An important part of your estate plan will be the correct designation of beneficiaries on those assets which pass outside of your Will, such as annuities, life insurance policies, and retirement accounts.  I will provide you with the correct wording for those designations, and any assistance you may need in making those changes.

I understand that these topics are hard enough to think about for some people; I aim to make this process as easy as possible.  By meeting in your home or office, you get a Will that is crafted for your unique family situation, with minimum cost and maximum convenience.  When you are finished, I am confident you will feel that it wasn’t as bad as you had anticipated!  More importantly, you can congratulate yourself on accomplishing an invaluable service to your family and friends.