Something is Better Than Nothing

Are you putting off getting a Will because you can’t decide how your property should pass, or who should be appointed guardian of your children?  If you have no Will at all, you currently have an “F” in the class of Preplanning 101.

Even if you can’t decide to an A+ level of comfort on who should be appointed executor or trustee under your Will, make a B+ decision at this time.  Use your current circumstances, the facts available to you now, and your gut instinct, to get started.  Take care of some of that basic planning that everyone needs, regardless of who their appointed guardians or executors are.  And take heart in the fact that Wills and fiduciary appointments are not set in stone.  They can be changed at any time, when you arrive at that A-, A, or A+ decision.  In fact, your Will should be reviewed every 5 to 10 years for this very reason.

You would chew your kids out if they made no effort and ended up with an F in a class.  Even if you don’t have it all permanently worked out, go for the B+.